Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the lots?

See the prices page for a complete list of the price, size, and availability of each lot

Are you owner financing the lots?

We are not owner financing but can connect you with a variety of lenders our customers have used in the past

Which lenders do you use?

We will work with any lender but most of our customers have used RBFCU, First National Bank of Bastrop, and Open Mortgage for lot financing, or one of the mobile home companies' lenders for land/home packages.

What are the requirements to qualify? Do I need good credit?

That depends on the individual lender, but good credit isn't always necessary and ITIN numbers are welcome with the above lenders with the exception of Open Mortgage.

How much is the down payment?

It depends on a number of factors so you will need to reach out to whichever lender you choose. Open Mortgage has 0% down loans available for qualifying customers.

Can you have a mobile home on the property? Are single wides allowed? What about tiny homes?

Yes! Mobile Homes, single wides, and tiny homes are welcome, but they must be 2010 or newer

Can you have more than one home on each lot?

Yes you can have up to two homes on each lot. (Two mobile homes, one stick built home and one mobile home, or one stick built and a guest house)

Are farm animals allowed?

No large farm animals are allowed but chickens are fine (no roosters) and we are currently amending the CC&R's to allow for sheep and goats. 

For a full list of restrictions, download our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions PDF here

Is there an HOA?

Yes, the HOA will provide for and maintain a community recreation area (volleyball court, futsal, and a grill/picnic area) as well as enforce basic community standards (no trash/junk/scrap metal in the front yard, broken glass, graffiti, broken vehicles, exotic animals/large farm animals etc.)

We are anticipating the HOA fees to be $100 annually

What improvements are included?

There is water and electricity running to each lot, but each buyer must contact Aqua Water to purchase their meters. Septics are usually financed in the home loan and vary depending on what type of home and where you decide to put it.

Video with our friend Estefania from Oakwood Homes! (Español)

Land/Home Packages

Buy a mobile home with one of our partners below and they will create a loan for you to finance your land and home together!

(ITIN# bienvenidos y hablan Español a todos los oficinas) 

Titan Factory Direct


6511 E Ben White Blvd.

Austin, TX 78741

Palm Harbor Homes


6317 E Ben White Blvd.

Austin, TX 78741

Village Homes


17325 Camino Real

Mustang Ridge, TX 78610

Clayton Homes


2450 SH-71 W

Cedar Creek, TX 78612

Oakwood Homes


6925 E Ben White Blvd.

Austin, TX 78741

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